Low Cost Carrier solution

Low cost VoIP Provider Solution

Extend your businnes and be a Real VoIP Provider using our low cost freeswitch solution

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White Label solution for Resellers

Ready White Label Solution

Your Network/Resellers can have their own CMS Web site with their logos

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Carrmin Billing System DIDs Supported

DID Numbers are Supported

Our solution gives you the abillity your resellers buy DID numbers and resale them to their clients

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Be a Real VoIP Provider!

Get your complete VoIP Carrier Solution and get payment for VoIP Services


Carrmin Billing System with FreeSwitch

Joomla CMS as GUI!

Each Reseller get a Pre-Configured CMS which is ready for use from end users


Carmin Freeswitch Billing Use joomla as gui for Resellers

All unlimited!

Simultaneous Calls, DIDs, Reseller accounts and clients


Carrmin Freeswitch VoIP Solution uses Centos

Custom Development features

Carrmin Protection Security