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Carrmin VoIP Billing Solution Diagram for Freeswitch System Carrmin is a Wholesale VoIP Billing System based on the Freeswitch which it supports unlimited Resellers, unlimited Customers, unlimited DID numbers and unlimited simultaneous calls. Using Carmin you can build your VoIP whole sales company. You need to create your own resellers network, sell voip time, voip trunks and DID numbers.

Carmin use the most of the Freeswitch features which it mean that the quality of the given services are at the highest rate!

Each Reseller get a Pre-Configured CMS like Joomla which is ready for use. Reseller has admin password of the installation with default template, each customer of resellers use that cms for registrations and buy VoIP Services. CMS interconnect under Secure Connection and Credentials with the main Carrmin System.

Owner of the Wholesale VoIP Billing system is responsible to create and activate accounts of each reseller.

Carmin is installed on Centos Dedicate Server and it supports up to 2000 simultaneous calls which we can increase by adding second dedicate server or a more powerfull system.


Complete Solution

Our solution cover completely everything that some one needs to start and to offer VoIP based telecommunication services. After our team finish the installation of our billing system, the owner is allready a voip Provider. Freeswitch server is protected from attacks and block any ip that try anything against the system.

Re-Invite Protection

With SIP Re-Invite method, none autorized sip devices are able to make phone calls via a Sip Server by charging the ower with big bills. This can happend by changing the header of the sip protocol and make the sip server to "think" that is an authorized call.

Our system recognize any non authorized method and block the ip and any further action, so owner of our solution do not have to worry about non authozorized calls.